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Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum pouches are used in conjunction with vacuum packaging equipment to reduce the atmosphere in a package to protect and preserve the freshness of food products, such as meat and poultry, seafood, produce and cheese. Vacuum pouches are also used to keep other non-food products (e.g., medical and pharmaceutical items) sterile and to prevent oxidation.

Vacuum Pouches range includes side seal vacuum bags co-extruded Nylon/Polethylene (PA/PE) for preservation which meet all food regulations internationally. Suit many applications, fresh & processed meat, poultry, fish & cheese industries

The benefits of vacuum packaging in vacuum pouches include:

Increased shelf-life of food products
Perishable food products stay fresh longer without oxygen, which decreases microorganism growth.

Prevention of product degradation and protection from oxidation
Vacuum pouches provide a leak-proof barrier to prevent moisture loss in products such as meat and cheese so products maintain the highest possible weight during shelf storage and prior to consumption. Likewise, dry products receive optimum protection against moisture ingress. Vacuum pouches also serve as an oxygen barrier which causes degradation of proteins, lipids (fats) and carbohydrates caused by bacteria and/or enzymes naturally present in meat. Vacuum pouches also provide the utmost protection for metal products, such as electrical or industrial parts or components, by providing a moisture barrier to protect against rust for example.

Protection against contact and contamination
Vacuum pouches serve as protection against water, dust and microorganisms, keeping items such as medical and pharmaceutical products sterile.

Vacuum pouches are produced in several different shapes, styles, and sizes. Various types of vacuum pouches include:

  • Side-seal Vacuum Pouches

  • Metallized Vacuum Pouches

  • Zipper/Reclosable Vacuum Pouches

  • Stand-up Vacuum Pouches

  • Boilable (Boil-in-Bags) Vacuum Pouches

  • Safe Handling Vacuum Pouches





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